Workplace Mediation

Emma is a CEDR certified workplace mediator, providing specialist mediation services to organisations where conflict has arisen internally.

Tenacious and creative, Emma is highly skilled at assisting participants in workplace mediations to restore productive working relationships. Success rates and participant satisfaction are very high, with a positive impact almost always reported by the whole team.  Successful workplace meditation also improves productivity and reduces attrition.  Importantly it can also allow the organisation to avoid costly and time-consuming grievance procedures and employment tribunal litigation.

Many organisations do have in-house mediators.  However, Emma (as an independent external mediator) can add particular value where:


  • An internal mediation procedure has been unable to resolve the dispute
  • The relevant staff are unwilling to mediate with an internal mediator
  • The matter is particularly sensitive or confidential
  • The matter involves more senior members of staff
  • The dispute has escalated and formal proceedings have been threatened 
  • The internal mediator is conflicted
Please contact Emma for a no-obligation discussion about the suitability of your workplace dispute for mediation on