Online Mediation

Whilst Emma’s international commercial litigation background means she is at home dealing with high value, multi-party disputes, she is equally passionate about the benefits of mediation for smaller disputes. She has had great success using online mediation in modest value claims, where the issues may still be complex, the parties highly invested in the outcome, and where the costs of taking a case to trial may quickly swamp the amounts claimed.


Emma therefore accepts appointments to mediate small and medium value cases via her online platform.  These online mediations typically last for 2 – 4 hours, depending on the  value and complexity of the dispute, and consist of a mixture of joint and private meetings.  In Emma’s experience they can be just as effective as face-to-face mediations, but at a fraction of the cost, as the parties do not need to travel or hire a mediation venue. On-line mediation can also be very effective in international disputes where one or more of the parties are based overseas, or in high conflict situations where one or both partiers are reluctant to meet face to face.


For a no-obligation discussion regarding the suitability of your case for online mediation with Emma, and as to current availability, please email